Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The amazing Market Basket story

My kids and I shop at Market Basket. They are a family owned grocery store with stores in a number of cities and states along the east coast. They are known for reasonable prices and good quality foods--especially the produce.  Usually that is purchased from local farmers when possible which is awesome. 

They are a great place to shop for a cost concious family. They are a great place to work as well.  I have residents who have worked there and there is a great bonus structure for the employees.  Even part time cashiers receive sizable bonuses yearly.  (FYI larger bonuses than I receive in my  office position where I have worked for more years than I am willing to write!) LOL  They are also known for hiring the disabled and being proactive at helping them to succeed in their employment there.

So why do I bother writing about where I buy groceries?  Because for the past month I have not been buying groceries there.  The family that owns the chain is feuding.  Actually they have been feuding for about 25 years, but with one side of the family recently wresting control from the other, things reached a boiling point.

What is interesting to me is the fact that the workers sided with the ousted family members.  Though a number of senior level employees were terminated, there have been rallies, protests and an amazing amount of solidarity surrounding this.  For the first time in recent memory, workers have really helped to influence the outcome of a sitaution at their workplace.  We don't live in the time of powerful unions anymore--and in fact to the best of my knowledge, this situation has no union involvement at all.  Yet the workers have managed to keep alive a strong and united protesting presence.

For the record, I have *hated* shopping at the other store that was available to me.  My bill is $50.00 more a week and I don't buy convenience foods or meats.  I am absolutely hoping that the situation resolves itself soon.  But for now, I stand in solidarity with the workers of the Market Basket chain and hope that all their efforts result in a return to a great place to shop and a great working situation for them.

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