Monday, September 14, 2015

The Journey

Kids grow up.  I know that in my head.  None the less it was a shock to have my 11 year old ask me if I could "just drop him off" at the dance school, instead of waiting in the lobby while he has classes.

This weekend my youngest daughter was invited to a friends house and it was a "drop off" play date--not the moms chatting while the kiddos played.

This weekend my college guy was at the gym during the regular family meal and he fixed his own later, noshing on food that since he is a culimary major was undoubtedly fancier than what I prepared!

The kids are old enough now that I am comfortable leaving for an early morning walk and bringing my cell phone.  I know that they all know how to contact me should the need arise. (My wife is still home, it is just that she is a heavy sleeper)  I confess that we tested this before I began doing it, but regardless, it is still another step toward independence. 

For so long I have travelled with a "tribe".  Now, interests are becoming more child specific--Lissa opted out of one set of dance classes this year and instead has chosen to swim.  I think that once the swimming is mastered, she may move on to basketball or soccer.

Fiona is slowly and occasionally doing things on her own with staff from the group home.  Everyone is making strides towards levels of independence that are appropriate and which they are comfortable with.

It is fascinating. It is appropriate.  It is also a tad bittersweet as I navigate a new facet to my role as a parent. .  It is a new chapter in unfamiliar territory and I do not have a map for this journey!.  Some days they are all feeling totally capable.  Some days, not so much, and figuring out the logistics of that is confusing.  Regardless, it is a journey that I enjoy and I am proud of all of them.

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