Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chet's Journey part 5

I guess in an alternate universe Chet getting the job offer would have been the happy ever after ending. I was sooooo hoping it was. Yes, there were transportation issues, but he was so excited we said yes. We spoke with his boss who said that he knew Chet had issues but that he also was a hard worker with a good heart and seemed to have things under his belt now. We agreed to try 5 days a week, mornings only. Unfortunately this isn't that alternate universe and things didn't transition all that smoothly. I think the boss maybe expected a bit more of Chet now that he was paying him. He had a right to expect that an employee who had been trained for a considerable period of time would remember his tasks and do them the way he'd been taught. Chet still had a component of "maybe my way is better" that he continued to try and bring to the job.

Chet also is a person who always needed down time. He got a lot less of it working and began to stress out at home. Simply calling him to supper could result in a melt down. We waited a few weeks to see if things would level out and they didn't. We checked in with his boss and he said he felt the hours were too much for Chet as well. He saw significant signs of stress at work and was afraid Chet might lose the job if we were unwilling to reduce his hours. A series of trial and error resulted in Chet successfully working one morning a week. It wasn't what we thought it would be but it was what he could do, or at least what he can do for now.

On the plus side, he has been able to car pool which gives an added measure of independance. And he has KEPT the job (can you see me knocking wood here) We remind him often how important his job is, it isn't just busy work. His work helps ensure that people who might not otherwise have a meal, do so. Chet is very socially aware so this helps greatly offset his frustration that he can't seem to handle more hours. Because he still lives at home and will for the foreseeable future, he has enough funds to meet his needs. He isn't really a kid who likes "stuff." Trash yes, he will compulsively save trash if you don't check his room. But he has no great desire to own games, CD's or books. If he does buy books or CD's he tends to enjoy them for a short time and then gives them away. He has no great interest in clothing and if I didn't watch the condition of things, he would literally wear rags. He enjoys watching movies and has a netflix subscription but other than that, has expressed little interest in belongings.

He loves our church and is able to pledge to them, which is something that is important to him as well. Is he independent? No and maybe not for a long time. He really has no grasp of finances. He would give everything to charity if he could and forget that he should have money for food, rent etc. So essentially we still provide his necessities, shelter, food and most of his clothing. His funds buy any gifts he wants to buy for others and special meals out etc. He is happy, I think.

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