Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fiona's behavior plan

The pictures are all examples of art Fiona has created over the past few years.  The first, is a marvel to me.  A 3 d guitar, almost full sized with layers of cardboard.  It is in my bedroom as she gifted me with it and I love to surround myself with things the kids have made.  Next up is an acrylic painting she did for Rob for his birthday a couple years ago.  Below that, a painting she did for me. It is on that crinkly cardboard.   I emailed them all this evening to Gail who is going to use them as proof that Fiona could benefit from and enjoy some real art based curriculum and therapies.  Something more than making puzzles that are glued together and hung on the wall.  Not that puzzles are not a good pass time--but they should not be the be-all end-all of her artistic experiences.

Gail and I talked briefly tonight after I got home from work. She had called the director looking for a copy of the behavior plan.  She was sort of brushed off.  I explained that the plan has not been formalized as I refused to sign off on it in its present state. I explained we were meeting Thursday. Gail asked that I scan her the proposed plan with my markups (which I am fine with doing).  She actually is quite happy that I did not sign off on this without further discussion. I do find it interesting that the director did not share with her why they could not send the plan.

We also will meet at the home on March 6th to work on the ISP for Fiona. That is as I understand it, similar to an IEP for kids. Only the service plan is for adults.  I am very lucky that Gail is on board. I did tell her that the folks at the home were coming round a bit.  I think that they are not used to very involved family members. (to which Gail said "tough! they should be thrilled that she HAS involved family")  While I personally agree (grin) I also know that systems get rolling based on the norm and if that is NOT involved family, that perhaps explains some of what I have bumped up against.

At any rate, we are involved and are here for the life time so the group home will hopefully adjust to that. Meanwhile, in other Fiona related news, she and I are planning a "Forever Family" party to celebrate the guardianship.  She is inviting friends from the Great School and some of the staff from there. We will hold it at a restaurant that she loves and hope to do this on February 22nd.

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