Sunday, December 7, 2014

A shopping we will go!

Today was a busy day getting ready for Yule.  I took my Chet shopping.  I don't love to shop anyway, I love to shop with Chet even less!  LOL  However we soldiered through and I tried to find stores that were less stimulating for him so he could hold it together longer. This meant avoiding the big mall in our city and hitting outlying stores.  It was mentally exhausting keeping him focussed and calm but we did get through  it and his personal stress is also greatly alleviated by having his purchasing done.  He cares deeply that people get something they really want, it is just the process of getting that and understanding what people want that is hard.

Chet wants things like scotch tape.  A small personal sized bottle of maple syrup, and envelopes.  Oh and air filters for his air cleaner in his room.  (he has plenty but likes to ask for these yearly)  So due to the simplicity of that which gives him joy it is hard for him to grasp what gives OTHERS joy.  As in, "No Chet mom would not want a 12 pack of razors or coupons for her cereal."  Then there was the fact that Rob told Chet he'd like an argyle sweater.  However we could not find an argyle in the stores.  Well, we did but it was button down and I know that is not what Rob wanted.  Rob is flexible and i know his style choices.  I could find zillions of other sweaters that he would like.  Chet, being Chet was fixated on: It.Is.Not.Argyle.  6 stores later I convinced him to choose between two very nice non argyle sweaters.  We got home and I hissed to Rob "argyle?  REALLY?" which made him crack up.

Chet makes a lot of cards for family and friends each Christmas season. He brought a ton to deliver at church today.  I have yet to convince him that you don't write "Dear John Smith" inside the card when you are wishing a friend Merry Christmas.  Thankfully, people love the cards and see the caring behind his actions.  I am grateful beyond words for this.

My shopping has been going well.  Small peeps are done except for stockings.  I have found two really unusual handmade gifts for my wife that I hope she will love.  She is notoriously hard to buy for but these are unique and I think fit her personality to a T.

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