Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Eve day.  Fun, chaotic a bit, and inevitably the excitement ramps as the day progresses.  I have tried to keep people busy with lots of different things to keep the time moving for them.  I asked Rob this morning if he had been in touch with any of his first family so we knew how to contact tomorrow.  He said he hadn't but indicated an aunt that he would like to speak with.  I am thrilled as it is the first time he has vocalized that this is important to him.  However he was unable to make himself do the legwork to see how to contact Auntie S.  I wonder if part of him is afraid that he won't be able to reach them if he calls?  At any rate, when I could see he wasn't going to do it (finding lots of things that made him too busy to try) I called his sister Krystal and asked if we could reach her tomorrow..  She said yes, they are going to a number of family members and told me who she would be with.  I asked if she knew how to reach Auntie S and she didn't but is checking with another cousin who might.  Then I relayed all that to Rob who looked happy about it.It also helps Fiona when I can prep her as to who we are able to reach on a phone call.  At any rate, just as I would feel that transporting the kids to visits was my responsibility if I was a foster parent, as an adoptive parent it is my job to facilitate and strengthen first family relationships.  I firmly believe that every time my kids see me take that step for them, they feel safer,and happier.

And now, back to Santa tracker!

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