Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Patriots Day Fun

In addition to being a birthday weekend, it has also been a weekend when we began some house changes.  I mentioned to my wife that it seems like about every 5 years, there is some substantial change in how we use our spaces.  This appears to be one of those "change" years.

KC and Lissa concocted a plan to create a bedroom out of our storage room and then Lissa would move there and KC would move into Lissa's room. This allows all 4 of the kids who live at home their own room.  It is a good plan.  It is a plan that requires a LOT of work as the things in the storage room are by and large things we use.  Lots of camping gear (tent camping for 6 is not a small storage footprint!) There were other things too of course, but the gear is what has required the most thoughtful reorganizing and storage elsewhere.  Add into this mix the fact that our house is a 200 plus year old Victorian which was not built with many closets.

But we made great strides on that this weekend.  It is a move that will not be finished till sometime in June.  I refused to put a closer time line on this venture as our April and May are crazy busy.  I would rather work at it bit by bit and not stress.  The kids were fine with that; they helped this weekend and are just excited to see the space get revealed.

Between that and KC's various birthday festivities we were mostly on the go this weekend.  But I love that. And there were several moments where I could sit for 15 or 20 minutes with a cup of tea on our back step and soak in the sun and unusual warmth.  I am not prone to just sitting by nature so two or three such small interludes fit me perfectly.

Now it is back to the work and school world and our next holiday weekend will find us on our first camping trip of this year!

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