Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy Birthday KC

A dozen smiles, a kabillion memories. . . our artistic, funny,sensitive and amazing KC is 12 today.  There is a mural, I'll try to remember to post a picture.  He wanted a star wars theme and has been painting with various family members for the better part of several weeks.  Rob made his cake which is in the shape of BB8 and is amazing.  Yesterday, he and Lissa spent the day with friends.  The other 1/3 of their KLB club hung out with us all day.  We went to a hands on science fair which had amazing things to do and learn about.  We went to the roller rink and spent 2 1/2 hours skating.  And we wrapped the day up at a local school playground.  More friends joined us (Facebook is pretty cool that way--just posting "at such and such a location" made it possible for spontaneous fun with other friends.)  

Today, we have church and then he has invited his girlfriend to come hang out for a couple hours. They want to practice their dances for recital and just chill out together playing Mine Craft.  Then we will have our family birthday party, has Nana will call to wish him a happy birthday and hopefully the reality that he is 12 will sink in for me!  It does not seem possible that the tiny, helpless little guy has grown, has thrived, and has become this amazing young man on the brink of teen years.  

This is not to say life is drama free.  His emotions are very close to the surface which is a good thing/bad thing.  And the surges of hormones definately make that roller coaster more intense.  But this morning when I hugged him he hugged me back hard.  Then he found me later for another hug and said I have to sneak 10 more hugs to him through out the day so that by days end he has 12.  They can't be all at once and they have to surprise him.  That is so sweet, it is so KC.  And I'll enjoy stealth hugs!

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