Thursday, April 24, 2014

Catching Up.

Things have been humming along at a slightly crazed pace here!  Easter was great--Fiona was home for the weekend and came to church with us. She and I helped with the church school Easter egg hunt midway through the service.  It was a lot of fun.  Our kids had their annual Easter bunny scavenger hunt when we got back from church.  Somehow despite having a birthday party to take them to the day before, we managed to check the boxes off on the things that make the holiday special to them.  Easter egg dying with our neighbor, bringing Easter flowers to another neighbor, the hunt, cinnamon buns for breakfast, and a big Easter dinner with everyone.

Rob has begun his GED testing so that he can apply at a local college.  He passed the first two with no issue and took 2 more last night. We will know in about a week what the results are for those.  Assuming he passes there is one more test left. He also worked two days this week for the place where he had a summer internship last year.

Our van began to remind us that we were on borrowed time. It was a 2003 and had very high miles. I happened upon a great deal on Craigslist from a small local dealer. 2010 van with only 32K miles on it.  Previously owned by an elderly gentleman who lost his license due to his advanced years.  It took me about a week to arrange financing through a loan against my 401k but we now have a van that will be safe, reliable and hopefully see us through our remaining years of needing a van.  I opted to borrow against my 401k because the interest rate is substantially lower than anything I can get locally for purchase of a used car.    We are discussing selling our camper as K only comes with us once a year and it seems like a lot of money to tie up for one annual campout.  The other camp outs the kids and I always tent.

I thought it was spring here in New England but it was so cold yesterday we had to run the pellet stove again.  I really hope bashful spring comes soon to stay!

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