Saturday, April 5, 2014

Agent P nears double digits

KC turns 10 this month.  Utterly unbelievable to me that the wee 4 pound peanut I held in 2004 is now this confident, artistic, and amazing young man!  We are in the midst of painting the birthday mural.  He chose a Phineas and Ferb theme and sketched out his entire mural design on his own.  We have yet to add in the bobble head family members and the finer details but today saw much of the painting done. You actually can't see about 1/2 of the mural from my shot. He has a big silver machine called the "salad-inator" upon which Chet is supposed to stand.

The picture below is a selfie he took of himself in his favorite Agent P fedora.  10??? Really?????  I stare at that number with the same sense of wonder and disbelief that I do the college apps that festoon my computer desk. Rob is nearly 18 and charting his course for young adulthood, albeit with a certain laconic vibe.  He definately does envision life as an adult and life outside the confines of our home and this is good.  Frankly I am okay with kids taking their time.  Leo the Late Bloomer was always one of my favorite books and I think it always helps me remember that each flower blooms beautifully, at just the right time.

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