Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring has sprung and I'm hopping busy!

The past week or so has been continuing in our busy mode.  Partly my life has been more busy than usual because my wife has been very ill.  She has been sick in various degrees since before her birthday in early February. She has had 3 rounds of a variety of antibiotics and is still not fully well.  It is one of those things that seems to almost but not quite leave her and then comes back again.  Horrid cough and chest congestion. It is not pneumonia but it is a near thing, a very severe bronchial infection that the Dr indicated was but steps away from pneumonia.  So there has been that.

There has also been a flurry of activity around getting things together for Rob to be considered at his college of choice.  Actually his second college of choice.  He opted not to go to the first one; I think rather suddenly deciding he did not want to spread his wings quite as far as going across the country to school. I am okay with that. However choice number 2 needs for him to have a GED where he is a homeschooler so we have been setting up the test dates for that. Our state was in the midst of re-tuning the GED test so this took a lot of calls and call backs to make sure we would be able to do this in the correct time line for the college.

Fiona has had some issues at the home and I have been busy dealing with that. Most of the issues surround the staffing and the way things are handled or not handled at the home. Very little of it, is really Fi at this point.  Also with trying to find the SSI payment that would have gone to DCF the month before I became her payee.  DCF says they returned it to the SS office. SS says they don't have it.  Fun.

I have been teaching in our church school and that has been fun.  These are little kids and i don't have anyone in this class for the first time ever.  Feels kind of funny, but it is such a great group of kids.  I love spending the morning there.

There has been shopping for Easter clothes, there is on going planning for KC's birthday party which happens Easter weekend, and the great fun of getting our taxes done.  LOL  Actually it was not as horrible to do as in prior years.  For the first time I could file as married for both federal and state which made a long tedious job less long and less tedious.

At long last we seem to have broken the back of winter but the days are still far chillier than is usual for April and there are as yet no pansies to be found at the local greenhouses.  I am devastated as I adore pansies. They are for me, one of the vanguards of spring and this year, they may not appear in my garden. It may well be one of those odd seasons where we go from really chilly to really warm (a condition pansies don't particularly love).  However, I will content myself with some garden bed clean up and the longer daylight hours.

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