Tuesday, September 30, 2014

At One with Fall!

Fall has been hectic and sometimes challenging, but lots of fun.  I have this love/hate relationship with fall.  I absolutely adore hot weather.  I don't even mind humidity.  We joke in my family that I must have lived in the caribbean islands or something in a past life. Because the northeast is not exactly known for that type of weather.

This summer had even less heat and hardly any humidity.  So it is even more challenging for me to know that really cold weather is coming.   Yet fall, how can I dislike fall?  I adore bright colors and watching the leaves turn is always a joy to me.

Watching the kids harvest the horse chestnuts in the back yard from our old tree is a tradition that always makes me smile.

Decorating for Halloween and planning a Halloween party.  Fun!

So despite the hectic life we are leading, despite the cold dark days lurking around the corner, I am embracing fall!

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