Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I'm kind of a grandma!

Dee texted Rob and I yesterday that he and his fiancee have a lovely baby girl.  She was born Tuesday and there was a picture attached.  Oh my gosh she is adorable.     I am so happy he let us know right off and that everyone is healthy.

KC is thrilled that he is an uncle.  Baby V has a huge head of hair and is really light.  When KC saw the picture he was amazed at the hair and wanted to know if it was all hers.  The idea of a baby wearing a wig or something still makes me giggle. But KC and Lissa were both pretty bald and so all his baby pic experience has been of fairly hairless children.  LOL

I explained that it was definately all Baby V and he wanted to know why she was so light when Dee and A are not.  This was something he didn't notice when Lissa was a baby as he was so little too.  We talked about how AA babies sometimes but not always darken and how even if she did, no one knew exactly how light or dark she would be.

Dee and I texted a little last night as they have moved and I needed his new address.  We can't wait to meet her but right now KC has a cold so no visits just yet!

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