Thursday, September 4, 2014

The College Guy!

Thus far, it has been a pretty smooth entry into college life for our Rob.  He only had classes two days this week because of the Monday holiday.  That made it a bit easier for him (and the parents) to start adapting to the new schedules.  K and I bring him to the train station in our city as it is not in walking distance and pick him up at night.  Once in the Big City he uses the T to get around.

Yesterday when I picked him up he said he had met another student who enjoyed skateboarding and who said there was a skate park not far from the college.  Rob has a big lag between two classes one of the days so he is looking to bring his board and skate for a bit on that day with his new pal. He had all ready found out that the college has lockers if we give him a lock to bring so his laptop and school books would be safe while he does this.

The majority of the evening pickups and nne of the morning drop offs fall to me because of my wife's work schedule and the fact that the train is pretty consistantly late. My Mondays will be insane as I will be juggling KC's dance class, Lissa's Girl Scouts and getting Rob from the station.  But I think I have a carefully planned scenario that allows all of this to happen

I am just happy that he seems to be enjoying college and has, as I had hoped, jumped in with both feet. The house is much emptier when he is gone--it is a lucky thing for all of us that a couple days a week he has no classes this semester and is home!

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