Thursday, November 6, 2014

Can we do disney?

 This picture was taken 11/6/2010.  It is amazing to me how much the kids have changed in a few short years.  Rob is a man now, KC is full blown tween, Lissa is a young lady and Fiona has blossomed as well.  The sweet pooch in the pic belongs to Amazing Jane who helped us so much in the healing journey for Fiona and our family.

K and I have been talking about trying to take the family to Disney in 2016.  I have spoken to a friend who works for an agency similar to the agency where Fiona lives.  She has given me lots of tips on how best to bring Fiona to Florida, what kind of supports the agency has to give her and more.  I had NO idea that they really are supposed to provide a staff if I request it for her to make the trip.  I thought I would have to figure out how to pay someone out of pocket.  There are lots of details and financials to figure out so only Rob knows that we are thinking about this.  It is way to far away for Fiona to hear about it and I want to confer with her home agency once I know that I can definately save what I need to for the trip.  We would rent a house again and we would not spend every day at Disney as that is too much for most of my kids and most definately too much for my wife.  I really want to do this though as it has been Fi's dream every since I have known her to go to Disney.  It might be the last time all the kids would be together as it would be as Rob was finishing up school, so it would be a good time to do it. Lots to think about and plan though in order for it to happen.

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