Sunday, February 14, 2016

Spreading the Love

Today was Valentines Day.  A veeeery cold Valentines Day.  I woke and it was way below zero.  This does not amuse me.  My idea of a winter hike would be walking on a beach in oh-say Hawaii or Orlando!  But despite the frigid temps outside and the not all that warm ones inside (the house was 52 when I got up and didn't get to over 60 till noon time) we had a great day.

I made a special holiday breakfast and then we lolled around till Rob came home from his friends house about noonish.  Well some folks lolled.  I was actually so cold that I was walking and jumping and actually acting like J*ne F*nda on speed most of the morning.  I wear a fitbit and had 10K steps before 10 a.m.  And I was not sweating. No lie.  Reynaud's is annoying in the winter in New England.

Rob got a text that they needed him back at the restaurant for 4 p.m. which meant we had to restructure our Valentines Day party.  This was important to all of us but it was extra important to me that we make sure that happened when Rob was here.  He had texted me last night that although he was spending the night at a friends house after work that he would be home for the party today.  It isn't that our party is anything all that fancy.  Decorations in the dining room, home made Valentines in a "mailbox" we made years ago.  And heart shaped pizza.

But it is a family tradition.  And it is fun.  Laughter rolls through the house (this year somewhat also punctuated by coughs and sneezes as half of the tribe are in various stages of recovery from a weird cold/virus thing. Gifts are small.  Tiny hearts of candy with a whopping 3 candies in each, and a chapstick (aptly timed since these were bought before the plague descended upon our home!) But it is not about the gifts.  It is about the love.

For years my wife kind of railed against Valentines Day.  She views it as a manufactured holiday.  Many people agree with her. And maybe they are right. But I don't care; a day to spend a bit of extra time showing love?  I'm so okay with that.

Happy Valentines Day!

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