Thursday, February 4, 2016

Be kind

It has been an odd day and I feel emotionally jarred.  Sometimes people can be so insensitive.  Like the auditor at my job today who wanted to know "why black guys always have pitbulls."  I just stared at her.   Then I pointed to the picture of my Rob and his dog Blake--Blake happens to be a Brittany Spaniel.

She had the grace to stammer "well there are always exceptions."  By this time I was ticked though. I think I said something like "no; stereotypes are inevitably disproved by reality."

Second upper level co-worker said she didn't believe in Narcan. (a call came in to me advertising a local training and I said we had all ready been trained.)  Coworker can't understand why I think it is valuable and why I would be willing to carry it and administer it. She thinks she would want to know how many people use again after receiving Narcan.

I said addiction didn't always allow for good choices and that for me, I would choose saving a life. Always. Because then there was always a chance.  Yup, there is no wonder that my career does not rise to the lofty heights I imagine on occasion.  On the other hand, I can sleep nights. There is no price tag on that.

I can't go through life believing that most people are out to lie and cheat.  People are often uneducated. People often have not had good role models.  Some people have had to lie and cheat to simply survive. A survival skill becomes a habit or a way of life.  Sometimes the better part of valor is to just assume someone made a mistake.

Be kind.  It isn't any harder to be kind. Really.

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