Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mardi Gras Birthday Fun

 Today was my wife's birthday.  She had asked to have a Mardi Gras themed party.  Because, well today is Shrove Tuesday and it just seemed to fit.  So last weekend the kids and I went to the Dollar Store and scored a plethora of Mardi Gras themed things.  Poor K, her birthday also always has a bunch of Valentine decor around as well because I am far too lazy  busy to take all the hearts off the chandelier for one night!  But we found feathered masks. And boas in many colors.  Beads galore for wearing and for decorating with.  And everything was only a dollar each.  It was a total blast!
 Masks festooned our main wall and I had a tri colored swag of boas underneath.  On the table there were sweet little faux lavender plants by each place.  I took one of  our vases, wrapped it in yet another dollar storeboan and put in pretty artificial flowers. (also from the same store)
The bright green plates and yellow napkins were funky and fit.  There were gold star plates for the cake--cake that was really my son Rob's fabulous cheese cake.  I need to walk about a zillion steps on my fit bit tonite!

Rob was able to get the early train home so he was here for the party.  A huge gift in and of itself.  We pooled our funds and gave my wife spending money for the trip she is taking in May to go and visit her dear friend in Louisville.  She treasures that time and I know that will be something she will really have fun with.

My poor wife has been very ill the past week or so and now Lissa has it.  A cold/chesty/ and sinus thing that is lingering on and on.  Yet despite all that the house was filled with laughter and joy tonight, and memories to treasure.

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