Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Make a difference!

This morning at breakfast Miss Lissa was telling me that she was thinking she had changed her mind about what to do for a career when she is older. She once wanted to be a hair stylist.  More recently she wanted to be a vet specificaly for exotic animals..   "I might like to be a policeman" she announced, "but Robbie said they don't make much money."

Big bro is all about earning the green these days, which is appropriate to his age and oh so typical.  I told Liss that police work very hard and that there are ways that they can make "a lot" of money if they are so inclined and we talked about the detail work and some of our police friends who do those.
Then I broached the idea that a career is not just about getting cash.  It is also about doing something you feel good about, and hopefully helping to make the world better somehow.  Of course her 9 year old eyes glaze over and I cut it short.  But KC had apparently been listening to our exchange.  Later as I was going out the door, he said, "hey Ooma--make a difference in someone's life today."

Sappy mom that I am, I smiled about that all day long.  My job is not a high paying job, but most days I do feel like I am helping people, and making a difference.  That doesn't have a price tag.

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