Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday!

Last night after Thanksgiving was over and the house was clean, I went Black Friday shopping with some friends.  I have never done this before.  Mostly I don't like to go to stores to shop.  I tend to enjoy on line shopping.  However there were some black Friday deals at the dreaded Wall of Mart that I knew would be awesome if I could get them. I could get both Fiona and Chet blu ray DVD players at a totally affordable price.

However I was nervous.  I expected hordes of people pushing and shoving, yanking things out of one anothers hands.  Instead, I waited for two hours (yes 2!) in the drizzly rain chatting with Des and Eric and eventually also with the couple behind us in line. People weren't just orderly. They were friendly.  Maybe it was because they thought it was so funny that I was a "Black Friday Virgin!" But I think it is more that people are better than we sometimes give credit for.

Inside the store, it was extremely crowded, but it was well organized.  And in 30 minutes, I found all the items on my list and checked out.  Home in bed at 2:00 a.m. No one tried to steal a blu ray from me. No one assaulted me.  No one was anything but nice.   I need to remember this because the media does such a job convincing us that the reverse is the bench mark of our society.  There are things that are wrong. There are people who are hurtful and who don't value others.  But they are really, in the minority.  Maybe if we believe that good is truly out there it will have more notice taken of it and more weight in the decisions of our world.

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