Friday, July 25, 2008

Yucky Weather

We have had a summer of freaky storms. More storms with hail (3) than I can remember in the past 15 or so years. More tornado warnings--we don't really live in tornado alley or anything like that. And a LOT more severe thunderstorms.

The past couple days were really intense rain days. Not so much in the thunder department but definately heavy storm days. Days when kids can't get out so much and burn off energy. Trust me, this is B-A-D. Day before yesterday there was a break in the actual storms after supper. I had KC and Robbie put on their rain boots and tied on Elisabeth in her sling and we went for a puddle jumping walk. The boys love to do this and it is a good way to get the wiggles and crabbies out. KC did so much puddle jumping that I had to pour out about 3 inches of accumulated water in his boots when we got home. Lissa is too little to puddle jump but the boys decided gently wiggling branches to make the leaves sprinkle water onto her head would help her to feel a part of the experience. (I am less sure that she felt that was really needed!)

Last night I arrived home to a tense household. KC has had a stretch of being fractious and screaming when things don't go his way. Not getting outside all day definately didn't help matters either. The rain had been horrid all day, periods of such intense downpours that you could hardly see outside (one of course as I was trying to get from my car to the house after work!) I had he and Rob put on rain coats and we went outside and used sidewalk chalk in the driveway. The colors were super intense because the pavement was so wet and KC also loved getting buckets of water from the little pool and "cleaning " away the drawings after we were done. We also played with bubbles which was a lot of fun too. Somehow by the time we were all soggy and tired, the atmosphere was a bit better and the evening went more smoothly.

It is funny really, because i truly deeply and completely HATE being out in rain. However since having children I have learned that I need to put that aside and find ways to enjoy the experience and to help them enjoy the experience.

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