Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where's my Daddy?

Yesterday at his music class, KC told his teacher he was sad because he didn't have a daddy. His teacher was very supportive and said something to the effect that he had two wonderful parents who loved him and he readiliy agreed. Still, I can see there are questions beginning to emerge and topics to address. He is so young, only 4. Adoption brought Kirsty and I such joy. I know it is a real mixed bag for the child though. To be sure, he knows without question that he is cherished and loved. However it hurts me at a deep visceral level to think of any of my children in emotional pain. To know that there will be a part of them that I can't soothe . . . it makes me feel so helpless.

Chet had less issues surrounding this. I don't know if it was just his nature or a function of his disability which makes him view his world so differently. Robbie had issues about this but more of his issues surrounded his birth mother and his siblings. His birth dad was not a positive influence in his life. There are issues there, but they are surrounding fear and safety, not really around missing the fact a dad figure is in his life.

I know we can help him through this, I just hurt for him.

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