Monday, July 21, 2008

KC's Journey 3

We worked and re-worked our budget and hemmed and hawed about Kirsty quitting work. On the one hand, our company was supposed to be sold and there was a handsome severance pay that she would be entitled to if she was still working when the sale happened. We could conceivably be kissing $28K goodbye if she left before the sale. On the other hand, we worried for KC at day care. His provider was loving but he got sick often. She took 2 more children into her day care who were children of a tenant where we work. I was worried as the family did not care well for their children and the kids were sick and smelly. I felt badly for them but at the same time didn't want my tiny preemie guy exposed. I felt bad for feeling that way wondering if I was being elitest. But then I would look at how tiny he looked, how vulnerable he still seemed and I decided it didn't matter. Kirsty gave notice. It felt weird to think of working with someone else. I had worked and lived and loved with her for many many years. We had been a couple since 1978 and worked together since 1980. It would be odd to work with someone else.

About the same time I got a job offer from the local housing authority and i seriously considered it. If Kirsty was leaving maybe it would be a good time for me to make a fresh start somewhere else as well. I interviewed and very much liked the team there. However my area manager counter offered and a number of incentives were offered that convinced me to stay. I am glad I did. I really like my job. I hope someday to be a manager, but meantime, this is a good job.

It has been hard cutting our income. Not so much initially but more recently with the wildly rising costs of everything. But it has been totally completely and utterly worth it. Our company is still not sold so if Kirsty had waited for that it would have been in vain. KC is four now and we would have missed so very many milestones. Missed vacations and holidays due to taking extra time for illnesses. His health improved dramatically when he was out of day care.

He was slow to talk and received early intervention services. Nothing seemed to really make him interested in talking until we adopted his baby sister Elisabeth. Then he decided he would talk and hasn't stopped since! :-)

He is artistic, creative and very very bright. He has been drawing recognizable pictures since about 3, maybe even 2 1/2 He has known his alphabet, his address, his colors and shapes, can count to 20 etc. He just loves to learn. It isn't that we want to push him, it is just that he is a walking talking sponge!

We are very very blessed.

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