Sunday, July 20, 2008


I love taking the kids to the beach. Kirsty hates it. She hates it so much that she would rather stay home and defrost the freezer on a hot summer day than go sit in the sand. So yesterday that is what she did and the kids and i de-camped for Lake Dennison. It was a gorgeous day. Very hot, but the water was warm and pleasant. My favorite actually. I am not really one who likes brisk "refreshing" water temps, especially when I am bringing little ones. We spent a number of hours there, definately l onger than we spend when Kirsty comes along. "-) We picnicked and then played in the water some more. Probably about 2 to 3 hours of water play and then a stop to the ice cream truck with confections to slurp sitting under a tree on the grass. KC is a real water bug and didn't even like getting out of the water to eat. Lissa is getting happier about the water but doesn't have the same affinity that her older brother has. When KC was little i remember watching him literally crawl down the beach into the water and keep crawling under the water. I grabbed him right away of course but he wasn't alarmed by it, thought it was fun! Lissa on the other hand got water in her face early on in the day and it took most of the rest of the time there before she would venture putting her face near to the water again. Such different little sprites!

All the kids are getting awesome tans. Rob darkens so easily and KC has a funny little tan. He wears a one piece suit in the water designed to help hold his bodyheat and so his strap marks are all tanned and his legs below where the suit ends. Lissa has tanned up and I am left with the oddest tan of all. My tan line is marred by where children hold onto me in the water, where I have had my leg stick out of our car window on road trips so that there was room for the dog and such. But they are neat tan lines in their own way. The weird one from sticking my leg out the window reminds me of our camping trip which was so fun. And who could ever complain about a mark shaped like the hand of their child on their shoulder? It is only a visible reminder of the marks they have all made on my heart.

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