Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Farewell to Summer

I know according to the calendar it isn't over yet, but it feels that way to me. Last weekend the boys and I went with many friends from church on our final campout at Ferry Beach in Saco Maine. It is an annual event with our church and another church in Worcester and the kids are familiar with the way things go and the flow of the weekend. Despite a considerable amount of rain it was a lot of fun. I love watching the way the kids have grown over the year. KC has blossomed from a wee guy who only wanted to be carried everywhere and attached to his Ooma to a gregarious 4 year old very capable of making friends on the playground or the beach. Rob has developed a strong circle of friends and this gladdens me as well. He always struggles with sharing his deeper self with us. It is my hope and prayer that he does this with friends as we all need sounding boards in life and if he isn't comfortable with that being me, I hope he finds one who will listen fairly and honestly and answer with thoughtfulness. I think his best chance of that is the group of kids he hangs with at church who are members of his coming of age class. Ferry Beach also gives Chet a chance to shine. There are always those "Chet issues" but he also gets to be helpful to others in ways that don't require a lot from him socially (i.e. carrying bags to dorm rooms). He feels and is genuinely useful and always returns in a better mood than he went.

K decided to keep Lissa home with her and while I know I could have had a good experience and brought her, it was easy with only the 3 boys. People seemed shocked that i felt I was relaxing but really, I was. And i have memories of seagulls and sandcastles, laughter and whiffle ball to carry me forward as the bustle of fall begins to take over our lives.

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