Saturday, March 21, 2015

Maple Sugar Sunday prep

Tomorrow we head to Maine to celebrate Maple Sugar Sunday.  It is a fun event and there is a sugar shack in the town my mom lives in so we combine this with a visit to Nana.  Nana is having a hard time right now as her beloved kitty is very ill and they are not sure what is wrong. So a visit from the kiddos and I is a great thing right now and will help lift her spirits.

I am glad we are going but I am still feeling tired.  I know it is the residual of the pneumonia. This always happens to me when I get pneumonia. I can't really find a way to do the "rest and quiet" thing you are supposed to do so I have this lethargy that lasts and lasts.

On the plus side, the littles had a play date today so I got a lot of housecleaning done. (see aforementioned reference to causes of tiredness. LOL) But while I was at my sickest I think we were mostly just treading water here.  Rob needed extra care from the dental extractions, and my wife was feeling overwhelmed.

So I took advantage of the 2 hours of kid free time today and cleaned to a fair thee well.  I'll get to bed early tonight and tomorrow we will sally forth.   My wife is not coming with us as she has an evening job and it might be tight to be back in time for her to get there. So we will have to take lots of pictures and do lots of texting to keep her in the loop!

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