Friday, March 13, 2015

Teeth, coughs and pneumonia oh my!

Rob seems to have come through the wisdom teeth extraction well.  He was hard to wake after the surgery, but I explained to the nurse that this is a boy who can't hear an alarm clock when he is asleep.   He has always been the heaviest sleeper I have ever known.  I think in part it was a learned PTSD response, but part of it is just how he is as well.  Anyway, thankfully she could see that I have virtually no voice and for sure wasn't going to be shouting in his ear to waken him.  So she got some oxygen and put that on him and it helped bring him round.  He was a little unsteady and a whole lot loopy but he is a great patient.  I've brought him soft eggs and oatmeal, italian ices and favorite bevorages. I am up and down with the ice packs.  I don't really want him going up and down the stairs till tomorrow as he was just off his game enough for me to worry that he might get dizzy and fall down the stairs instead of walk down them.

Got home from that and KC had a drs appointment in the early afternoon as he has my cold.  Or what I thought was my cold.  Which is um, (hanging head sheepishly) my pneumonia.  Egad.  How does one really have that slip by you??? KC thankfully only has bronchitis.  We both have antibiotics now so I expect the corner will be turned quickly.

It was kind of funny though as Dr. B asked if I had been tired lately.  I said well maybe a little, there was the time change and so I had laid it to that.  I have needed the alarm clock to wake me where usually I wake up before it. . .  He just shook his head.

So now it is time to rastle the wee folks into bed and then I am going to shower and get going on our piece work for the night.  My poor wife is doing her cleaning contracts alone tonight as Rob who usually helps is not available this week.

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