Sunday, March 22, 2015

Maple Sugar Funday

Today we set off bright and early to drive to Maine for Maple Sugar Sunday.  My mom said to dress warmly as it was supposed to be windy.  Well windy it was and cold to boot.  Really cold.  Arctic cold.  The kind of cold that just gets in your bones when you are getting over pneumonia and walking half a mile from where you could park the car to the sugar shack festivities.  Yup, I really plan things well, don't I?

Yet the thing I absolutely love about my kids is that they have fun.  Pretty much no matter what.  As KC said, "cold weather just can't stop our fun."  And it didn't.  We watched a black smith demonstration.We listened to fiddlers.  We warmed up while we watched sap boiling in the old time method in big kettles over open fires.  We petted oxen.  Lissa ate copious quantities of maple cotton candy.  We bought syrup for us and to bring back for KC's friend.  Then the shivering became nigh onto hypothermic and we headed back to the car. By the time we walked the 1/2 mile back to where we parked I could no longer feel my feet or my fingers.  I was wearing wool sox and gloves but clearly that wasn't doing the job for me.

We blasted the heat all the way to the pizza shop.  (Amatos is our Maine favorite!) and picked up lunch to bring with us to my mom's house.  We ate and chatted and visited.  I am lucky to have her live only a few hours away and to be so active in my kids life.  I am pleased that my kids love to go visit and never complain or ask what we will do there.  They chat and draw, play cards or dominos, in so many ways they are easy to please kids. The temperature may have been cold but the memories of today are very warm indeed.

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