Thursday, April 16, 2015

Baskets and Birthday!

The shopping for a small gift basket has morphed into a dance studio wide gift basket gather for the girl who was hit by the car and her family.  KC presented his idea to Miss H, the dance teacher and she was 100 per cent behind it.  She gave him a big piece of poster board and he made a poster to explain and she gave him tape to hang it up in the studio.  I love that the school as a whole want to help out. I love that my son wants to do this. I love that by helping, we all feel better and heal.

This dance school is a very friendly group--not at all the "Dance Moms" kind of nonsense one sees on TV or reads about.  The school does no competitions and our kids often enjoy hanging out outside of the dance school.  One of the moms ran off some little flyers that could go home with the monthly newsletters. Then she texted me and said she hoped KC wasn't upset or thinking that she was trying to steal his thunder.  In actuality, he was thrilled that the word was getting out in a multiple of ways.

Tomorrow that kid turns 11.  Matching digits and a huge star wars mural adorns our dining room.  The young Jedi will enjoy his day! But this mom still can't quite wrap her head around the fact that he is nearly 11!  The year just past has brought really increased maturity, the mood swings of puberty and an increased passion for his interests and for "changing the world."  He is funny, sweet, talented and often a bit overly sensitive. But he also can crack the most amazing jokes and always senses when someone needs a hug.

I love you KC  Happy Happy Birthday!

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