Friday, April 17, 2015

He's 11!

 Plopping pictures in my blog gives me fits. I am really bad at organizing them and they seem to defy all my efforts!  However, hopefully they capture a bit of the joy that was KC's 11th birthday.  I am still wrapping my mind around the 11 year old facet of things.  In some ways he is so much more grown up--in other ways, still just the same KC as always.  I think the being on the cusp of added maturity is challenging for him.  "I'll still always be your baby," he said to me this morning.  Yup, always son.  He wanted Star Wars and a snippet of the mural is in this post.  We are all in the mural somewhere. There are some of us as Ewoks.  Chet is Chewbacca, Lissa is riding in the people mover thingie.

The cake came out amazing.  It is home made as KC really hates the taste of store bought.  (I can't argue, I do too!) But I ordered the cake decorations on line and it looked fantastic!

He got his much dreamed about tablet--Kindle Fire HD and he has it charging as I write this.  As we had the party, his friends from church and dance were calling in to wish him greetings. It was very cool.  Happy Birthday KC!

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