Friday, January 8, 2016

Hopping Along!

I happened to look back at my blog the other day and realized I have been yakking on this site since 2008!!!  I can't quite wrap my mind around that.  My wife is always saying I am talkative and I guess she is right.

This Saturday I am taking Fiona and the younger kids to see Star Wars. The youngers have seen it all ready but Fiona wants to see it with them and they are more than game to see it twice.  Chet has been sick all week so I don't really want to bring Fi home to the Land of Germs (it seems that for more than 2 weeks someone or other has been unwell here) so a movie outing is a great option.

Amazing Jane bought a sleigh ride at a nearby farm on Groupon..  So we are just waiting for some snow and then will work out a day that Jane, Fiona and 2 of the kids can go on a sleigh ride together.  They will love it.  I know that Lissa will be one of the people to go with Fi and Jane on this--hopefully Rob's schedule will allow him to be the other.  I am planning on letting the group home know that Fi will be coming home for a visit to take a sleigh ride.  I am leaving out that Jane will be with us.  I am not sure it would be a big deal to the recent admins but the prior ones gave us a lot of grief over any contact with Jane.  Their failure to see that losing touch with folks who were important in her life is a huge part of Fiona's trauma and pain definately was hard to work with.

However of late (oh I am so knocking wood here) the new admins seem receptive to a number of things. They apparently are going to allow Fiona to have a pet.  The animal has to be a caged animal and she has her heart set on a rabbit.  I have a friend who is  a vet tech and who has been fostering a bunny for 3 months. The rabbit is well socialized and easy going.  If all goes well, in 2 weeks, he will live with Fiona.

Fiona does not know any of this yet.  She will hopefully be so very happy.

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