Sunday, January 3, 2016

Semester Break

Despite it being post holiday, things have been busy at Casa Johnson Erikson.  I have been enjoying semester break.  Yes, I know I am not the one in college. But my chauffeur duties are lighter when the college teen is on break.  He has been working some heavy hours at the restaurant down town, including New Years Eve.

He texted me on that night that he would not be coming home and would be staying the night with his new friend C.  C gives him rides home from work on occasion but I have not met him, don't know his last name or where he lives.  I had a bit of a war with myself on this.  On one hand, Rob is 19. He is not a minor. On the other hand, he is not independent as I was at 19.  And the world is a lot scarier than it was when I was 19. (although self eye roll here; don't parents ALWAYS say that?) At any rate, I said no.  That when we make plans we don't spring them last minute and I would expect him back home after the staff party that happened when the restaurant closed up.  He was fine when he came home and didn't seem angry at all about the minor flexing of parental muscle.  I don't say know unless I really think I should so I think there is overall less drama when I do.  I also think it is possible that he would rather have me say no to a new friends idea than do it himself.  C is a bit older than him and this makes me the "un-cool" one, not Rob.

Lissa has been busy as well. She and KC stayed up with me for New Years Eve.  New Years Day we went to a friends house for lunch and she was subsequently invited to spend the night.  While I know she was very tired, it wasn't an instance where I had to say no.  She stayed the night, went to an indoor trampoline park the next day and got home about 4:30 last night. She was exhausted but went to bed at 6:30 and slept till nearly 8:00.  It's all good!

KC was ill over New Years so although he saw the New Year in, he was pretty low key.  He is better today though and spending the afternoon with a friend from church.

I have had a bit of time for myself as well.  I have been able to squeeze in 3 zumba classes because various kid activities--dance, scouts, college--have been on winter break.  I love it and it has been so much fun.  I also try to make sure I get walks in each weekend when I can walk in daylight.  Since our snow and ice storm the sidewalks are not clear and I don't walk in the early mornings. So it has been a mix of busy, but also fun, and I am enjoying that!

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