Monday, January 25, 2016

Updating bedrooms!

Yesterday was supposed to be our last Christmas 2015 celebration. My inlaws always come out in January or February.  However some of those coming were impacted by the snowstorm so it was cancelled.

Never ones to let time be wasted, we reorganized the kids rooms.  The thing I am most excited about (besides clean rooms!) is that all the kids were on board with it.  KC has outgrown his loft bed, hitting his head underneath it and unable to  sit up in it when he is in bed.  Lissa had bunk beds so we just dismantled the loft bed and gave him one of her bunk beds.  His loft was a double bed so my wife took that mattress as it was newer than hers and KC got a new twin mattess. (actually the spare room mattress but it is nearly new and a great quality.)

Putting a bed on the floor meant a lot of reorganizing in the boys room though.  Previously there was all that real estate UNDER the loft bed.  KC's desk, bean bag chair and two book cases had all fit there nicely.   The new bed on the floor meant buying an underbed storage box, getting rid of a set of bookshelves and relocating the desk and beanbag chair elsewhere.

At the end of the day, things looked really nice and both boys were happy.  Lissa didn't mind losing the top bunk as of late she has opted to sleep on the bottom one anyway.  Even a year ago, this kind of change would have totally shaken KC's world.  He has hoarding tendencies and to him, everything is precious.  He can look at a scrap of paper and tell you what he was doing when he drew it.  Or a little plastic gew gaw that looks like trash to me?  He can tell you whose party he was at when he got it and what he did there.  I get that these are all visual cues to help him remember things that are important.  However sometimes he drowns himself in "stuff."  He worked really hard yesterday *voluntarily* sorting and deciding what was truly needed for remembrance.

After we finished all the cleaning, I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather. (we didn't get any snow here!) So I went for a walk and he opted to come.  He chattered the whole way about how good he felt about his reorganized space and how he could see he was improving at organizing things.

I wish I could say it was a parenting miracle that brought this about but i know it isn't.  My wife has a cleaning client with serious hoarding issues. The kids have seen that house and KC has determined that he never wants to be like that!

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