Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A dream deferred

Last summer we were invited to go to Disney and camp with good friends of ours.  We talked it over and decided to try really hard to make it happen.  We knew it would not be easy.  My job did not give raises last year, though our family expenses rose with braces and other things of a similar, non luxury area.

The kids knew then it was an effort, but I know that even more than I do, my kids sail their ships with positivity.  Tonight they will learn that we need to defer this plan for another year.  Our van just needed very substantial work and at over $1000 it is still not totally finished yet.  My car needs work I have not even brought it in for but that will also be in the same vicinity. (note to self:  convince KC or Lissa to become a mechanic.  They will live well!)  We had a big plumbing issue this Christmas and there is more plumbing yet to address.

We took our Florida savings and paid for the plumbing and the van repair.  It would be silly to incur finance charge or interest fees when we had the money--although it was intended for something a lot sexier than pipes and brakes!

I am really sad too, but I am looking at this as an important life lesson for the kids.  There are times you have to recalibrate. When your most desired dream has to be accomplished at another time or in another way.  I hope that in time, they will see that as well.

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