Sunday, March 6, 2016

Staying Safe and Calling Home

Last night Rob worked as usual.  There was a big MMA fight and I knew that he and two friends were going to a local restaurant after work to watch.  He had plans to stay with the friend for the night as he didn't know when the fights would be done.  This was fine with us, he has stayed with the friend several times now.

However as he left, we reminded him as always that if anything ever happened that he wasn't comfortable with, to just call or come home.  No questions asked, just make the safe choice.  I have always worried about this with Rob.  He is so easy going, so hakuna matata that I have often wondered if he would look critically enough at a situation and see that it might not be a wise move to be part of it.

Last night he made the choice to call home.  He actually could get home but had forgotten his key and would need someone to let him in.  I am thrilled that he made the call.  He seemed relieved that we did follow the "no questions asked" plan.   I did hear him tell his younger siblings that he came home because his friends were going to go somewhere he didn't want to be part of.  He is of an age where making those decisions is so very important.

With Rob, food has always been comfort, security and proof of love.  Lissa asked if I would make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and I said yes.  I asked Rob (who is usually only eating healthy/fitness oriented things these days) if he wanted some too.  He did and he inhaled about 6 of them, along with my artful strawberry garnish, which was the nod to healthy eating!

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