Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rob is 20

Today Rob turns 20.  20!!!! Wasn't it just last year we were planning that birthday party with the dinosaur bounce house?  No, I know it wasn't.  But the years have flown by in a blur.  A blur of wonderful memories.

Today he has decided that he wants to have over two good friends.  One is a young man he works with. The other is a young man he has known since the dino bounce house years.  He wants to cook a BBQ for he and Chris and Drew and sleep out in the back yard in the tent.

I have had to do little to prepare for this other than give him some money so he could shop for what he wants to cook.

Sunday afternoon when he gets home from work we have a tiny window where we will celebrate him with our family birthday party.  He leaves again at 5:30 because he wants to go to church and be part of this years youth group bridging ceremony.  Youth group alumni go back to wish the new graduates well and he would like to be there for that.  I love that he wants to do that.  His connections to the folks at church remain strong and important to him.  I am grateful for that.

In many ways I can see that this birthday is a portent.  He is on the edge of stepping more fully away to live his life independently.  Not quite there yet, wanting a separate gathering with friends, yet knowing that loving family are near.

But soon, I know that my birthday greetings may only be by text or Facebook.  Gifts mailed.   Today though, I celebrate the young man he has become.  Thoughtful.  Still quiet, but helpful.  Kind.  Young kids gravitate to Rob because he will nearly always find time for them and help them.  He will stop his soccer practice and dribble the ball with a little fellow.  He will take his sister and brother to the park for a bit after he gets home from work, just because their faces light up when he says he will.

I am so lucky to be able to say I am his mom!

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