Thursday, September 13, 2012

The joy of D*F

Back in July, Jane said that DCF wanted a letter from me explaining why we would like to have Fiona's case moved closer to us when she graduates from the Great School in the City.  I wrote a looooong letter.  I heard nothing.

Tuesday night after our family call with Fiona, Jane called me back. She wanted to let me know that there had been ZERO incidents of behavior or self harm after the visit. You can't see me, but I am still cheering wildly and grinning from ear to ear over this.  She also said that there was a foster care review meeting coming up this Friday and she can not attend.  The school case load has doubled for the clinicians and they are also working less hours.  Sure that makes sense.  But at any rate, Jane could not attend the meeting and also said that Fiona's new social worker (her previous one just had a baby) is much harder to deal with than the other one.  Jane asked if I had heard anything from my letter of July.  I said no.  Jane said that although Fiona is still at the Great School for 16 months this is a blink of an eye in the terms of DCF and we need to keep on them. She volunteered to write the social worker an email finding out if they had received my letter and if the proposal to place Fiona closer to us was going to be an agenda item at this or a future review meeting.

Ms. Social Worker emailed Jane back after that, saying that since we were not interested in being Fiona's guardians there was really nothing they could do.  Now is the time for a big ole "SAY WHAT??" I never ever said that.  I was not even asked by DCF.about that!  So I promptly wrote an email to Ms. Social Worker and copied Jane saying that I would be more than open to discussing guardianship and that my primary concern was that Fiona retain the abilty to access the appropriate mental health services (including inpatient when needed) because my insurance does not adequately meet the kind of needs that she has.  I also copied the social workers supervisor on the email and so now, we wait.


Todd said...

Super happy that Fiona did so well after the visit. Awesome!

Good luck on the guardianship front.

Sunday Taylor said...

Geese DFS, you say one thing they hear another. Good thing you got an “early start!”

Tee said...

I just read this one post and look forward to going back and reading more - But it looks from this post (if I'm not totally off-base) like maybe you also have a kiddo in RTC who you haven't yet adopted and are being potentially offered guardianship for? If so, same here. Complicated stuff. Glad your girl is doing so well, though!