Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Looking out with bright eyes

 Fall is always jam packed for us.  Life is a busy whirl for us always but it rachets up amazingly in the fall.  There are so many opportunities for experiences.  Maybe I should be more selective--but I want my family to sample as much as they can in as wide a variety as they can.  That way all can find their interests, niches and passions.  Last weekend was the Life is Good festival.  The eyes are my Lissa's peering out the crack of the SWAT vehicle the local authorities had there for the kids to explore!

 I probably should have left this shot larger as it cracks me up.  At the concert there were lots of silly signs. One read "free air guitars, take one!"  This one pointed to all different directions with signs that said "optimism, laughter, humor" etc.  Appropriately, the humor direction is pointing right at Chet who has really zany humor.

This weekend is a local harvest festival after we spend the morning at the first dance classes of the season.  Then on Sunday we are all going to see Mary Poppins the musical.  Rob and K have had the joy of seeing Broadway musicals but for Chet, the littles and I this will be as close as we could get to that.
And while we have been reaching out and exploring opportunities there have been changes here at home as well.  This shot is our front hall.  We took off the 20 year old paper, mudded the walls, painted trim and walls.  That in itself is stunning. But. . . see the sidelights next to our front door?  For more than 30 years those were covered by wood.  Before Chet came home to us, there was a December break in at our home. K and I were out of the house for a mere 20 minutes and someone punched through one of the side lights to reach in and unlock the door.  As part of the repair, we covered the glass with wood, painted it and felt safer for it.  The thing was, you could still see the windows on the inside of the house. But they were windows to no where.  I had suggested covering them with fabric, but we found that our local window repair person had wonderful news for us.  He said that he could replace the glass with laminated glass.  Much like the glass in our cars, it will not shatter but will crumble into safe bits if it is broken. Even better, it is very very hard to break.  Not impossible, but really hard.  He hit it soundly with a wrench to prove it. So we took a leap of faith and the beauty of the light through the side windows once more.

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