Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday Magic!

 Sunday we went to the Big City to spend the day with Fiona!  We had a great time and it was the first time I have ever been able to spend my birthday with her.  I brought vegetarian chikn patties (her idea) rolls and mini cupcakes that we could frost and decorate.  It was all yummy but stayed within Fi's healthy eating goals as well.  The picture up top is she and Lissa.  I love this shot.  Note the plaids.  You will see in one of the shots that Rob also had on a red plaid shirt, and Lissa has the pink plaid tunic.  Clearly it was Forever Plaid day and KC and I did not get the memo. LOL
 Lissa took this shot of her big sister.  She is getting good photography skills.
 And Lissa also took this one of KC.  Can you tell how happy he always is to be with Fiona?  They have had a special bond since he was born.
My other shots that had Rob in them indoors came out dark and I haven't got time these days to mess around with the photo edit function. But I took this while we waited for the taxi that brings us to the Great School in the City.

We had a party at home too when we got back from the day in the City.  I truly felt loved a cherished.  I got beach rocks painted by K and the kids, KC gave me a piece of art that he made that he spent ages working on. It is a mixed media oil and tissue paper painting of a cardinal. I will try to remember to post a pic.  I also got (drum roll) my own kindle!  So now I don't have to read the free books I down load on my computer, I can cuddle up in bed and do it on my Kindle!

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Todd said...

Great pictures. It's nice to see everyone smiling. Super glad you and the kids had a good time in The Big City.