Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stressful Semana

This has been a stressful week.  My father in law was in a significant car accident.  At 80, he is still very active, working part time and bowling weekly on a league.  This past week on his way home from bowling, he was in the high speed lane of a busy highway when he was sideswiped.  He was hospitalized for two days while they made sure that surgery would not be needed on the spleen. He also cracked a rib.  Thankfully, he did not need surgery after all and returned home by Thursday night. We drove down to see him yesterday and I think we all felt better for having seen him.   He seems very much himself.

In a perfect storm of stress, the day we found out about his car accident, my wife had job stress when a local bank was robbed and the gunman fled up the street to the school that she cleans.  Thankfully although the school is on break, the maintenance man had been told to wait for her and to not let her remain there alone. The school backs up to conservation land and would be a logical place for people to try and hide.

Rob had his glaucoma check up and for the first time in ages his pressure was up. Even more significant to me is that when the did the peripheral acuity testing there was an area where he did not detect things visually for the first time.  We go back again in two months to see if pressure is still high.

Today is a busy Sunday with some church responsibilities and some get togethers for the various kids, but I am making sure to take a bit of time to breathe.  Just. Breathe.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds a little like my week! Something is out of alignment!