Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Skaters Waltz

The weeks are passing so quickly!  However that may be a good thing because unless we have entered an ice age that means that soon it will warm up and the polar vortex and snow will be a thing of the past.  I can't wait.

This Saturday Lissa was invited to a friend's birthday party at the local roller rink.  She was super excited to try roller skating.  We got there and got her skates and it became clear that she was going to need a little assistance.  I had expected that, and as I used to skate, I paid for a pair of skates for me.  A few times around the rink and it had started to come back to me.  I used to love roller skating and did it outside for hours when I was growing up.

However, as we were going around the rink we noticed these gizmos that children were pushing to give themselves stability while they developed their skating skills.  They never had anything like that when I was learning how to skate, but we quickly availed ourselves of this new gizmo. Soon Lissa was whizzing around the rink as I skated near she and her friends.  I was even able to leave the rink surface and chat with my friends as her confidence grew.

When we got home I asked her to tell KC about the helping thing that they have for beginning skaters.  KC is sometimes reluctant to try new things and I thought hearing about it would boost his confidence.  "Oh sure, Ooma, " said Lissa with a grin.  "Hey KC you know those walkers that old people use? They have them there to help you learn to skate!"

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