Monday, March 10, 2014

Busy Times,Fun Times

Things have been such a whirlwind lately.  Dance is ramping up with the recital coming on in mid May. That sounds a long way off but isn't when you count weeks for practice.  KC is always keenly aware of this and begins practicing on his own at home very regularly.

The boys went to a local hockey game w ith our close friend and their godparents yesterday.  They had a blast!  The girls got their time the day before, with me taking Lissa and Fiona to a local salon for a "spa" day of manicures and pedicures.  They too, had a blast and it was a great sisterly bonding time.  Fi sees a lot of herself in Lissa and enjoyed having time for just the two of them.  Lissa has wanted to do this for ages and was totally into the experience.

Work is insanely busy, and of course it is tax time and I am trying to carve out time here at home to work on that. I will never love doing taxes, but this year I can file as married when I do my federal taxes so there is something very cool about that.

My friend L came over yesterday afternoon with her daughter and she and Lissa played together all afternoon.  Eventually the little boy next door came over too so even though 2 of mine were gone, there was still a house full of laughter and fun.

In the midst of it all, the group home director called me to report that Fiona had an incident at the home and required physical restraint.  It sounded like she was very out of control which has not happened in a long while, but which I did feel she was slowly building towards.  I do want to know though what a restraint consists of with this new program.  They have a lot of stuff written in their plan about how there will always be 2 staffers but that to me is just to give themselves alibis.  What I want to know is how they are handling my daughter.  She has been in places where holds were few and appropriate and in places where they were frequent and done with a disregard for her--almost intentionally frightening and escalating the situation.  So today, some more discussion with the head of the program is in order.

And, in other exciting news--daylight savings time is back!!!!!! I love that.

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