Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We have been looking forward to camping this long weekend for weeks now. Made our reservation at the beginning of summer and have anticipated this longer camping trip all through the summer. Not that we wanted to wish summer away; it is my very most favorite season and I would never do that. But with gas prices so high we determined that we could not afford a lot of small trips and that 2 or 3 camping trips were all we were going to get this year. So this is camping trip number 2 and here's to hoping all goes well.

For starters, everyone is in varying stages of recovery from a cold that beset our house starting last Saturday. KC was the first victim, Kirsty was the second. I have had it the lightest (perhaps thanks to zinc lozenges?) Chet has had it the worst. At this point no one is so ill that there would be no reason to go. Fingers crossed that it continues.

Kirsty has been her usual pre-camping self. This is hard. I wish there was a way to get across to her that it would be so much more fun not to have her yelling and carrying on the whole week before we leave. Nothing I do, little the children do, is right. If I take them to the park I am there too long. Despite being told to bring them back tired and ready to sleep, I have kept them there too long. Despite bringing them back 20 minutes earlier than the night before, I have brought them back too late. And she is ranting at the kids again---sigh. Hopefully things will lighten up. Hopefully the kids will all be healthy enough to enjoy themselves. Hopefully we will make some beautiful memories that will see us through the dark cold days ahead of us.

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