Monday, August 11, 2008

Bridge of Flowers

Saturday we took a trip to Shelburne to visit the Bridge of Flowers. It is such a pretty place, with amazing plantings so densely planted on the old trolley bridge that you would never believe that once trolleys went back and forth. We haven't been out there in a couple years. Definately not since Elisabeth came home to us.

Kirsty let Robbie try video recording the walk across the bridge. It was both funny and interesting to watch his completed video. Funny because he went so fast that you would think he is a demented bee that has consumed 5 Red Bull energy drinks! Interesting because it did give glimpses (albeit FAST glimpses) into which plantings he found the most interesting. Robbie is my gardening guy so that was kind of cool.

KC had to stop and try to smell almost every flower. He would tell me how they smelled because he knows i have no sense of smell. Lissa rode with me in her sling and would point and say "pree" which is as close as she gets to 'pretty.'

We brought Blake with us too and he was very well behaved. After the bridge we walked down to the glass blowers and watched them make a beautiful ruby colored vase. The kids loved watching. Hey, I love watching. There is something magical about molten glowing glass turning into something both beautiful and recognizable. I was impressed though that KC could figure out so many facets of the glass blowing, what things were used for and why. Very cool.

From there we went to the glacier potholes. Also very cool, though it is weird as when Chet was little we could walk down there. Now for safety it is all fenced off. Probably for the best but they are definately even cooler when seen up close and not viewed from behind a safety barrier. So much of our society needs protection from itself. I wish there was a serum for common sense so that the rest of us who have it could innoculate those who don't. We would get to experience so much more.

But I digress! From there we went to the gift shop and bought commemorative magnets. Then we loaded back in the car and set off to the Longview Tower which Rob and KC and I wanted to climb. Lissa and Blake and K waited for us in the car. After admiring the stunning 3 state views we climbed back down and I made lunches from our cooler while K and the boys used the bathroom and visited the gift shop. We munched as we drove down the road to a beautiful view of Turners Falls. The water is so high this year with all the crazy storms. They were releasing water from the dam and it was a swirling pounding powerful turgid froth. K and KC got some neat pictures. From there we went to our final stop. Barton Cove, home of the island where eagles nest. We didn't see any eagles but we did see wild swans. And we got to do a short hike which was a lot of fun as well. We were home by supper time so it was a full and fun day. I feel very blessed.

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