Thursday, August 14, 2008

Elisabeth's Journey 1

I think that KC wasn't more than about a year and a half when it happened. Life was easy. It had a flow and a predictable order. Kirsty was home full time now and things were good. In the back of my mind I was thinking about expanding our family again, but I hadn't had the guts to share my desire with my wife. Have I mentioned before that I can exhibit very cowardly acts? One of them is my fear of igniting her nordic viking goddess temper! :-)

But instead, Robbie gave me the opening. He was playing with KC one afternoon when he looked up and asked when we were going to have another baby. A baby? Why would we have another baby Robbie?

He looked at me as though I were demented and informed me that KC would need someone to play with with he, Rob was too old to do that. Rob quite rightly recognized that given the 8 year spread between them, that days would come when he had little time for the games of young children. I sort of knew that in some distant dark recess of my brain as well, but I think I was putting off facing it. Partly because Robbie was so happy now being a big brother. There were lots of little kid things that i think he missed in his first family. By being an active big brother he got a chance to explore those toys, those certain silly ways of play that young children do without fear of looking silly himself. After all, he wasn't playing with these toys because they were his, it was because he was playing with his little brother.

But Robbie was right. There would come a time when shooting hoops without a little brother tagging along would be important. When going to movies KC was not yet old enough to see would be his right and his privilege. This gave me a whole new slant to explore when I broached the subject to Kirsty.

Amazingly, she was on board pretty quickly. We called Jewish Family services that did our homestudy and inquired about getting an update done. They were surprised but happy for us. We called Adoption Link in Chicago and were told it would be about a year and a half to two years wait. Not bad, time for us to get our finances and our lives ready for a new little person to be part of the mix.

We began to look on Craigs LIst and Freecycle for baby things as we had given away a large majority of KC's real infant things. We were lucky and found almost all of what we needed quickly and inexpensively. It seemed almost like the goddess was affirming our decision.

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