Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School and the zoo!

Yesterday I had to go to school for my job to maintain my certification as a certified occupancy specialist. It isn't a really big deal, usually a day or so of fairly routine things that I am all ready doing at work but it is required. The location was in Rhode Island and Kirsty thought I would get lost finding the hotel where the class was held so she offered to drive me in. Rather than waste precious gas driving home and then returning to pick me up and driving home again we planned for a day of fun for the kids in Rhode Island, packed lunches and extra clothes and we all set off. Kirsty took them to the Roger Williams Zoo while I was at class. I love this zoo and was genuinely sorry I missed the trip! :-) KC was thrilled because he hoped to see a zebra. Guess which animal wasn't out yesterday??? Seems the zebras share their space with the wildebeests and they aren't getting along all that well so they go out on alternate days! Bummer. Still they all had fun and did see a red panda which was apparently exciting and watched an elephant get a bath which was very intriguing to them all. They lunched picnic style, went to the gift shop, and played in the playground and big field that is also a part of the zoo. Oh and rode a merry go round. KC doesn't realize that he rode one before because he was so little. When he was only a few months old he rode one in NH when we took Robbie to Storyland and Santas village. This is a ride he will remember thought!

After the zoo they visited the RI Childrens museum. Judging from the pictures this too was a hit. Dress up areas that imparted information on RI history, and a very cool water play area were the biggest high lights.

My class was scheduled to end at 4:30. Instead we were out at 3:15. No big deal, I figured that I would just wait outside till the tribe arrived to bring me home. Kirsty somehow sensed that I might be done early and showed up at 3:30, a full hour early! We were on the road and back to Leominster by 4:45 We supped at Uno's and were home by 6 p.m.

I am so grateful that a day of required learning for me also resulted in fun for the kids and time for us together as a family.

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