Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

The joy of coming home from work early to family can not be quantified. It is a deep upswelling of happiness within me. I helped KC finish his gifts. He made chocolate candy and lollipops for his siblings and a wall decoration for Kirsty. He wrapped everything with great care and made his own tags for each gift. I wrapped all Kirsty's gifts and the last two stocking stuffers for Robbie. Somewhere in the house I have lost the very cool Red Sox activity book that I bought for him months ago. Someone's child was doing a fund raiser and it was in it. It was different and I thought it good for winter hours. Which it would be if I knew where the heck I hid it!

And there ARE truly Christmas miracles. . . KC's much wished for guitar arrived by parcel post this a.m.

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