Monday, December 22, 2008

Where to hide gifts!

I expect this will get easier when the kids get older. I have noticed a trend in older kids gifts. They get physically smaller and greatly more expensive in direct proportion to each other. But for now, with 3 kids under 13 and an autistic adult who really will give all his gifts away in 30 days unless he can see that they are "useful" I have a challenge hiding gifts. I also have a problem finding ways to get the gifts WRAPPED!

We cosleep and my 4 y/o falls asleep on the couch at night. Unless of course that is a night when he doesn't fall asleep and then I need to take him upstairs at 9 and sing to him so he will fall asleep. Then I will fall asleep whether I planned on it or not. Clearly my singing is the everywoman's cure for insomnia! But this alt plan for sleep does not leave time to wrap when kids are not around. Add to this the fact that we do piece work out of our home at night (my wife and i do this part time in addition to my full time job) and nights are kind of nuts. However tonite i got about half the wrapping done. I would do more but the wagon is hidden in the camper. In the snow. The other gifts are in the garden shed in the back yard. Which is blocked by the 15 inches of snow we got this weekend. Yup 15 inches. On top of the snow we all ready had. Gotta love New England, but WHAT was I thinking stuffing the toys in there. Oh yeah, I was sick. I had a fever. I wasn't thinking. Hmmmm.

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