Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting ready for New Years Eve

New Years Eve is a lot of fun in our house. Because I have a deep loathing for the behaviors of overtired cranky kids (and mine waken at 6 regardless of when their heads hit the pillow) we don't typically stay up till midnight. Yet is can't be just like any old night. . . it is a chance to celebrate and I love celebrations and so do the kids. (and Kirsty is learning) {grin} Some years ago we began choosing a country and learning about it and making that country the theme of our New Years Eve. The year we did England we had a British tea for instance, and Robbie made this giant clock like Big Ben that hung in our dining room that night. Last year we did Australia and i was lucky enough to have an on line friend gift us with a bunch of Aussie treats which the kids adored. KC still talks about the chocolate she sent. (I am allergic so I couldn't eat it) But KC really doesn't like chocolate but loved that style. K said it was different from the chocolate here in the states, so there you go. We had a BBQ meal because it is summer in Oz when it is winter here and who doesn't like a BBQ?

This year Robbie chose Italy. We did some research and found that lentils are a popular new years eve food in Italy. The small coin shape represents a wish for good fortune. What a cool thing for a veggie family who loves lentils to find out! So we are having tonite---- cheese and cracker plate (probably not very Italian but none the less yummy) Then a small composed salad. Then a cup of lentil and pasta soup. This recipe is Italian; we found it on line. Then a main dish of Kirsty's delish home made pasta with marinara. Then for dessert, mini cannolis. I wish I could say I made them, but making cannoli looks really time consuming so we bought mini ones at the grocery store! There will be asti spumanti for the adults to drink and sparkling cider for the kiddos.

We found out that there are some fun traditions in Italy--wearing red underwear for good luck. Too bad none of us own red undies! LOL And at mid night throwing old belongings out the window to make way for the new year. We're passing on that too but we are playing a game of family bingo which is very similar to a game they play in Italy. Then all the kids get to jump on all the packing bubbles I have saved thru the m onth of December and we have our "fireworks"

Welcome 2009, we have been richly blessed this year and I feel grateful for friends, for family, and for the life we are building.

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