Saturday, December 20, 2008

Marking Days

Certain days are very important in our family. Not just holiday days, but days that mark how we came together as a family. December 19th is one such day. On that day, 22 yrs ago Kirsty and I stood in JFK Airport and met our eldest son for the very first time. The weather was horrid, much as it was here yesterday with lots of snow and first his flight was delayed in and then we missed ours going out as a result. But eventually we were home and our journey as parents truly began.

December 19th 7 years ago is the day we met Robbie for the first time in person. We homestudied with a placement with him specifically in mind and the homestudy went quickly. It began shortly after 9/11/01 (our home was actually inspected on that day) and the social worker set up the meeting with him on 12/19.

December 19th 2 years ago is the day we held our baby daughter Elisabeth for the first time. She was born 12/16 but by the time the paperwork was signed for relinquishment and we made the trip to Chicago, that was the date.

The kids were talking last night about the way that date has popped up and up for 3 of the 4 kids. Of course the problem being that this left 1 little guy without that connection. Luckily there is a happy connection of dates for him too. Robbie moved in with us to stay on February 9, which is my wife's birthday. That was also the day 4 yrs later that our adoption agency in Chicago called with our match to KC's birth mom. It's kind of like a web that draws us all together in mysterious ways.

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